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Utilise Twitter’s unique format to increase brand awareness among your target audiences. Aidem Media take your Twitter presence to a new level.

Twitter Marketing & Advertising

Twitter may not be as big as Facebook or Instagram, but it maintains a stature of its own in audiences with a wealth of unique features and facilities. For business owners, a sound Twitter marketing strategy can be a great way to build brand awareness, create new traffic and revenue streams and take your business to new heights.

Aidem Media employs expert professionals who are adept at handling Twitter marketing for any kind of business. Whether you are a small-scale local business or a multi-national brand, we are fully capable of devising a coherent and comprehensive strategy for your online marketing efforts, including Twitter.

For your overall Twitter coverage, there needs to be a constant engagement with the users. When users realise that the official handle of any business is acknowledging their legitimate feedback and queries and responding in real time, they appreciate it very much. Consistent interaction & feedback is always valued by your customers.

Twitter’s format in this regard is very helpful in real-time reporting and interaction with the people. Once you recognise how it works, you can establish quite a rapport with the customers.

The most important aspect of Twitter marketing is to understand that you need to relay an effective message to the fans while staying within a 140 character limit. This means your ads and posts should be clear and concise, there is no room for ambivalence or confusion. At Aidem Media, we have experts who have perfected the art of promotional tweeting. If you opt for us, you will be satisfied beyond your expectations.

Twitter Advertisements

Twitter ad campaigns are very effective when it comes to specific targeting of people of a certain demographic or those who display certain behaviour patterns on social media. Twitter ads can be as dynamic as Facebook ads if a) you know how to run an ad campaign and b) have access to great content makers who are adept at creating attractive advertisements. Aidem Media is capable of realising these feats for your business and if you choose us, you won’t be disappointed.

On Twitter, you can run campaigns with the objective being the promotion of your Twitter Handle or one or more of your posts. This flexibility in options gives you ample choice to target specific demographics and groups of people.

At Aidem Media, we also utilise Twitter Analytics to continuously monitor and refine your twitter marketing strategy as well as all the different campaigns. As a result, the longer your campaigns run, the more chance that your returns increase.

For all your Twitter Marketing & Advertising needs in Manchester, or anywhere else in the UK, contact Aidem Media. Call now at 0161 319 3666.

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