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Stand above the competition on SERPs by removing technical glitches from your site & using best SEO practices. Get Aidem Media’s Technical SEO services in Manchester now for better rankings.

SEO is comprised of many different factors; content, design, UI/UX and search engine friendliness. However, the technical SEO details maximise your work in other areas of your digital marketing strategy. A website that fully compliments the working of search engine crawlers and algorithms as well as human users, is the one that has the most chance of achieving higher rankings.

At Aidem Media, our SEO experts meticulously examine your website’s technical SEO factors and offer their suggestion on how to achieve long-term improvement. Having a website that is technically sound from an SEO standpoint gives you a much better chance to make the most out of your content marketing efforts.

What Constitutes Technical SEO?


HTML tags should have the right length and right structure throughout the website for all pages. They must contain the relevant keywords to ensure visibility to search engines and users alike.

URL Structure

URL structure on your website must follow an easy to understand template where pages are hierarchical and so are their URLS. Also, the length and structure of each URL should be right.

Robots File

We ensure that your robots.txt code is saved as a text file and is placed in the right directory.


XML & HTML Sitemaps are important to ensure consistent high rankings

Site Size & Compression

40% of the people bounce if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, the size of your website should be small enough that it can be loaded in a couple of seconds even on slow connections. For that, image compression and file compression possibilities are discovered and acted upon.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsive sites automatically scale themselves for devices with smaller screens. Mobile friendliness of a website is measured by checking if it is responsive and easy to navigate on a smaller screen. We make sure your website is not losing any traffic because of any oversight in this department.

404 Pages

Regular checks for 404 pages and fixing these pages improves the search engine friendliness of a website.

Broken Links

Any broken links in the content or otherwise must be fixed to negate their effect on SEO and UI/UX.

Page Redirection

The pages that need redirection and the ones wrongly redirecting must be fixed to improve user experience and as a result, the rankings.

Link Organisation & Filtration

The internal linking between the pages with varied anchor texts gives the impression of soundness to a search algorithm. Similarly, external links from reputable sites increase the authority and credibility of your website which search engines like. Conversely, links coming from susceptible sites should be fixed whereas links going out should be tagged “nofollow.”

Crawl Errors

Technical optimisation also means removing any errors that might be hindering the engines from crawling your website.

Page Indexing

Submitting your website’s pages to a search engine mean page indexing. Proper page indexing with the right URLs safeguards that your content is not deemed duplicate by the search engines.

For any additional information about aforementioned technical SEO details or more, don’t hesitate to contact Aidem Media today!

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