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PPC Strategy Building & Monitoring Services Manchester

Start getting returns on your investment in no time with Aidem Media’s data driven methods for building, running and monitoring PPC Campaigns.

PPC Strategy Building and Monitoring

Pay Per Click Campaigns Strategy Building

When you work with Aidem Media, your pay-per-click campaigns becomes a pillar of your digital marketing operation. PPC campaigns play an important role in attracting customers to the websites for businesses large and small. A well-crafted campaign sees your advertisement at the top of the search engine result page which gives users more chance to see your ad and follow through on it.

We take our clients PPC campaigns very seriously and meticulously build a comprehensive advertisement strategy and monitoring mechanism. Since pay per click campaigns have a fixed budget, we plan the whole process in collaboration with you to keep it at its most effective. While building your PPC strategy, we never lose sight of your goals or the limitations you face.

Proper Keyword Research

We find the right keywords for your brands, the ones with the most chances of gaining traction and creating potential customers. PPC results generally have a higher conversion rate compared to organic results because users are specifically looking for the terms you use in your advertisements. The right selection of keywords will increase your conversions and sales considerably.

Advertisements Copy

Efficient use of space on a PPC ad copy is a crucial element of successful PPC ads. You don’t have a lot of space and you have to use the keywords correctly, make your copy easily readable, and make it attractive at the same time. Aidem Media have experts with skillsets to do exactly that.

Landing Page Creation

We also create a rock solid landing page with a tantalising Call-to-Action so that your readers feel compelled to sign up.

Campaign Organisation

We organise and develop your campaign as it matures for different regions and on different keywords. The best way to do that is to prepare beforehand and also monitor the campaign throughout its run.

Pay Per Click Campaigns Monitoring

No PPC Campaign is successful without proper monitoring and refinement. Aidem Media’s PPC experts understand this all too well and have developed a modus operandi that allows them to improve a campaign considerably during its lifecycle. The primary purpose of campaign monitoring is to analyse the user feedback as well as the performance of advertisements as a whole.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is when we create two different types of ads or landing pages and test their performance for a fixed period of time. If one is performing considerably better, then it becomes the default item. A/B testing is especially useful when a campaign is being enhanced or when new elements are being introduced.

Visitor & Analytics Tracking

Tracking what visitors are clicking your ads and how many of them are converting and which one of those leads turned into actual sales gives you the right idea about the performance of your PPC ad campaign.

Aidem Media’s services cover all aspects of pay-per-click campaigns for our clients. contact us today for PPC campaigns services in Manchester, London or anywhere else in the UK.

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