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Make the best out of world’s biggest pay-per-click marketing platform with high quality, engaging ads and prominent position of SERPs.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the number one pay-per-click advertisement system in the world. Google averages around 4 billion searches every day and for most of those searches, AdWords results are at the top of the pages. If you run a business, you will benefit from a proper AdWords Campaign whether your operation is small or large.

Aidem Media is an official Google partner agency and specialises in search ads a.k.a. Google AdWords. We employ experts who run your AdWords campaigns to their maximum potential. We find the best keywords, most suitable for the services and products you have on offer. Statistics show that in certain industries, once a user clicks on a search ad, there is more chance of conversion compared to if he or she would have clicked an organic result. Therefore, selecting the right keywords that appear appealing to the users is of paramount importance in Google AdWords.

Google AdWords works on what is known as “Auction-Based Advertising.” The quality of your ad, its past performance, keyword placement, your actual bid and a few other factors determine your Ad Rank. On each search, this rank is calculated & compared relative to the search itself, which determines your position, and even presence, on the page. Aidem Media experts ensure that your quality score is always high so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to rank at or near the top. If your quality score is too low, you may miss out on having a spot on the SERP.

Working with Aidem Media helps your AdWords campaign especially when your bid is lower than that of your competition. We focus on other factors that improve your rank and enable you to compete with the big fish.

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