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  • GDPR Compliance

    Check your website for GDPR compliance

  • Privacy Policy

    Update contact form pages and provide up to date policy

  • Cookie Policy

    Cookie Policy to show data taken from the website

  • SSL Certificate

    Update SSL Certificate to protect you from cyber attacks

Consequences for non compliance

Non-compliance with new GDPR rules include fines ranging from
10 million to 20 million Euros or 2-4% of turnover (whichever is greater).

What Is The GDPR Legislation?

As you may be aware, the new data protection legislation known as GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018. This affects how you collect, use and store data within your business.

One of the key areas of impact is on your website contact forms which capture potential customer data. Under the new GDPR legislation these must be made complaint with clear opt in protocols. Specifically, as a business, in order to justify the collection, storage and processing on an individual’s data you must:

Prove that the individual took affirmative action to opt-in to your data-gathering service; educate the individual on how their data will be used; Offer a clear privacy notice or policy alongside the opt-in form, separate from your terms and conditions, and maintain evidence to prove all of the above.

Preparing for GDPR


At Aidem Media
we are offering to:

  • Check your website for GDPR compliance.
  • Update any contact form pages and provide you with an up to date privacy policy and link.
  • Cookie policy to show the data taken through the website.
  • Update your website SSL data security layer certificate* to protect you from data theft and cyber- attacks.

All of this is included for a one-off payment.
Call us today on 0161 319 3666 to discuss this further.

*SSL is an annual recurring cost

Get your business ready for GDPR.


Fewer than one in ten small businesses in Britain are fully prepared or even aware of the new EU-wide rules on personal data and the penalties for non-compliance.

At Aidem Media we aim to help these businesses by offering them a Safe Harbour Scheme. Under this scheme we would offer advice and offer packages to carry out the work to meet the GDPR requirements.


Call 0161 319 3666 today.

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