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How to Use Social Media For Your Business

how to use social media for your business

The last 5 years has been a period of massive increase in use social media use for businesses. Indeed, all platforms have recognised the marketing potential and reaching out to businesses from the smallest start-ups to multinational corporations. If you don’t have social media pages today, you’re missing out on a potentially large audience. Dedicate […]

What are 2019’s Major UX Trends?

latest UX trends for 2019

Another year has come and gone. Now we’re in 2019 and about to enter an exciting new age where AI becomes mainstream in both B2B and B2C technologies. It may be several years since you last heard the term “UX” (User Experience) but it hasn’t gone away. It’s now such an integral part of the […]

How are Image and Voice Search Improving SEO?

image and voice search seo

SEO practices have, despite a few tweaks here and there, remained constant. But it is presently undergoing its biggest change yet. Image and voice search are not new technologies, but they have been limited until recently. Now, new voice and image search technologies are driving profound change. Text-Only Search is “No Longer Adequate” It’s been […]

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