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From the initial keyword research till the part where you are ranking at the top of SERPs and after, Aidem Media’s keyword optimisation services keep you growing.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads are the closest competitor to Google advertisements since a huge number of people use Bing as their primary search engine. Bing is owned by Microsoft whose wildly popular products play an important role in Bing's use. Plenty of people prefer Bing to other search engines too which is why it has historically had a better conversion rate on its searches compared to Google. There is less competition on Bing for keywords and rankings, if played well, it can benefit you without spending too much. The average user on Bing is more likely to become a customer at the end of the day. Therefore, you must keep Bing in your advertisement plans to capitalise on a market you wouldn’t reach advertising solely on Google.

At Aidem Media, we have Bing Ads specialists ready to take your Bing based advertisements to the next level. We select the right keywords for your ad campaign and create an attractive ad copy to pull users in. We also help you in modifying your landing pages so that they provide exactly what the advert is promising to the users.

We monitor and refine your Bing Ads campaigns throughout their run and keep you updated. Bing has always been more flexible about the limitations it places on advertisers. Your campaign can be much more customizable in terms of location, scheduling, budgeting and distribution. Of course, AdWords trumps Bing Ads in many ways but they both come with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses.

If your target demographic uses Bing, then it is viable for you run a Bing Ads campaign. Contact Aidem Media for any Bing Ads Services in Manchester or anywhere else in the UK.

Get in touch with us through our website or call us at 0161 319 3666.

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