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Discover opportunities to improve your web presence by conducting an inclusive SEO audit. Avail our services for better rankings, more visitors, thus, higher ROI.

What is an SEO Audit?

SEO Audit is a necessity for your website if you are planning to expand your online presence and make your website an attractive destination for the search engines and the visitors alike. Therefore, it is important that you don’t take an SEO audit lightly. An audit also gives you an idea of where your website currently stands from an SEO viewpoint.

Generally, an SEO audit will review your website’s overall performance and give you key suggestions about improving the website’s performance, user experience and friendliness to search engines. Later on, a detailed report can be provided if you decide to move further with the SEO services provided by Aidem Media.

How Is an SEO Audit Performed?

An SEO consists of many factors. To comprehensively review a website, Aidem Media considers following things a part of SEO audit.

  • Checking the content on the site. It should have the right keywords in the content, titles, descriptions, HTML tags and headings for content and images. The content itself should be the right length, useful for the readers and not be a source of high bounce rate.
  • Checking the length and structures of URLs, Meta titles and descriptions.
  • Checking the internal linking within the website pages and external inbound links providing authority and credibility to the website.
  • Checking the site for an XML sitemap, robots.txt files as well as integration of required Analytics and Webmasters tools.
  • Checking if the design of the site is SEO friendly and easy to understand plus examining UI/UX and mobile responsiveness.
  • Checking the integration of your social media channels and analytics with the right plugs on all pages.
  • Checking the performance of our website on different devices and operating systems for page speed and other factors.
  • Checking your website size and making recommendations about how you can optimise in this respect.

If you need SEO Audit services, contact Aidem Media today and talk to our representatives. Call now at 0161 319 3666!

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